Wastewater recycling - Good for Business, Good for the Environment
Wastewater recycling - Good for Business, Good for the Environment

Why should we reuse wastewater? 

Wastewater recovery has become a vitally important matter of sustainability in a world where water access and quality are declining each year, especially in arid regions. 

Wastewater reuse simply refers to the reclamation of treated (or untreated) wastewater for a beneficial use. Recycling wastewater allows us to preserve fresh water supplies, reduce our impact on natural habitats, and decrease the amount of pollution being discharged back into the environment. Economic advantages to wastewater recycling include lowered water supply expenditures and waste disposal costs.

Many different types of wastewater recovery systems are used. Common examples are conventional methods like aerobic and anaerobic treatment facilities that break down organic contaminants with microorganisms, and modern filtration technologies like reverse osmosis, that can reclaim between 70-95% of water from wastewater to over 99% purity using semi-permeable membranes. 

This water can be reused for industrial and agricultural processes, and when adequately purified, it is perfectly safe for human consumption.

Are you maximizing water recovery from your wastewater? How would you benefit from wastewater reuse?