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Disinfection refers to the process of using agents that could inhibit microorganism growth in a system. In water treatment, one of the most common methods of disinfection is chlorination. However, other methods like ozonation and ultraviolet disinfection are in use, too.

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Several factors could cause foaming in the SBR and the CCC, sometimes even in the equalization tank.
1. First, check that you are not overaerating; the maximum DO in each tank should be at 4mg/L. If it's more than that,... (More)

What most likely happened is that before or during service, the quartz sleeve cracked. Look for some parts that may be broken or chipped. Quartz sleeves may have high tensile strength, but they are also fragile.

While nucleic acids absorb UV energy within a range of 240-280nm, the optimum wavelength for water treatment is 254nm.