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Water and Wastewater Treatment Parameters
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This can be done when looking at treating water with low value salts. Nanofiltration can be used to treat brackish water with the retentate having lower concentrations compared to those from RO systems. Additionally, it can also handle high amount... (More)

The number one thing to consider when planning for preventive maintenance in a water treatment plant is to prepare an effective schedule. It is important to remember that drawing up a schedule is one thing, but implementation is another. Operators,... (More)

In general, selection of the system to be installed depends on the operating pressure of the boiler. For low pressure boilers, ion exchange softeners are recommended, while for high pressure boilers, reverse osmosis is more recommended. Alternatively, electrodeionization may also... (More)

Back pressure, or reverse pressure, happens when the permeate pressure is higher than the feed pressure. In reality, the permeate pressure is at atmospheric pressure, and the difference in pressure between the feed and the concentrate makes the permeate pressure... (More)